Board Games

The world of board games is huge and the focus of the Geeks here at Immortal Geek is firmly on the more 'serious' board games rather than the family style games.

Latest News From the Board Games Industry

Things in the board games world move on so fast, and new games are released all the time. Rather than chase this moving target ourselves, we'll refer you to some of the most respected games news sites we know of, so for up to date news and developments, take a look here:'s Boardgame News Page
Kotaku's entertaining and fun look at the latest game developments

A Look at Some of Our Favourite Games

Here we'll look at some of the games we've played. The opinions here arise from playing these games in earnest.

Family Business

Family Business is a card game by Mayfair Games for 2 to 6 players. It is a quick to play, shoot-your-mates card game where the aim is to kill off your opponent's mob before they get to finish off yours. Read more here.

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