Family Business

Family Business is a card game by Mayfair Games for 2 to 6 players. It is a quick to play, shoot-your-mates card game where the aim is to kill off your opponent's mob before they get to finish off yours.
Each of your mobsters is represented by a card face up on the table in front of you, and in normal play they will become the frequent subject of a contract, which gets them lined up against the wall. If they stay on the wall too long they'll die, mobsters are slowly killed if a mob war breaks out, which happens often.
And you don't just get to throw contact cards at other players. There are several defensive cards that protect your mobsters from contracts thrown at them by your enemies, and other cards in the game to allow you to manipulate it in other ways; look out, for instance, for the St. Valentines Day Massacre card.
The game holds up well with a full table, but with two or three players can feel a little limited. It's quick to set up, quick to play, and quick to clear away again afterwards. Because of the speed of play and the simplicity of the rules (it can be all over in half an hour), our games group frequently use this game to fill in time and round off at the end of a day when another game has finished early. It has become a firm favourite.

Score: 5 out of 5.

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