The Diary of Kevlar Steele

In Search of the Shadowy Boatman

Author: Kevlar

Date: Tue, 4th June 2013

We got back to Corflu with no issues. This iron armour is a little loose under the armpits and nips a little on the waist. Still, it's tough old stuff. Makes a change for there to be a haul from one of our little adventures and for me to get it all. Normally the complete opposite happens.

We met up with the others, who had been milling around in town for a few days, and worked out our next target to make a bit of a difference, and maybe make a bit of money. We decided that this shady boatman would be our next target. We wanted really to know what the real score was - if this is some spirit thing, then we need to know. Andra made some enquiries about him, and ended up talking to one of the senior priests of her order, a guy called Sa'ar. He organised some transport for us up to the Five Eyes temple, where we'd been helpful before. This is close to the area that has been affected by this strange boatman figure.

We had another discussion and decided that, as it was going to be largely marshland and bog that we'd be working to, that perhaps me in my 'new' heavy armour might not be the best to be going on this mission. Andra, of course, would be going as this seems linked to her cult, and if she's going, you can't really stop Finch going too. Azyet wanted to go too, and Jade and Helios also wanted to join in.

The following morning they all met up early at the boat mooring, and boarded a vessel that was barely big enough for them all. After a short ceremony from the priest, they set off. I went back to the inn, I'm still getting used to the weight of my garments, so I needed a rest. I can only relate now what I heard the others tell.

They met a craft on the way upriver, the authorities checking them out and warning of dangers on the waters these days. They avoided any complicated discussions about the purpose of their journey, and continued northwards.

They reached the temple after a day or so, and were greeted by the local priest. They talked some more about the shadowy boatman here - the locals have a better idea of what's been going on than they do in Corflu. It seems the boatman is accompanied by a mist (which we knew) and that other boats, not just those of the River Folk may have been attacked too. Sometimes bodies are found, and sometimes people just go missing completely.

From the discussion, it seemed that the attacks always seemed to happen on Freezeday. They arrived at the temple on Clayday, so they were several days too early (or a couple too late) to investigate immediatedly. They were offered shelter for the night, then directed to a place called Dark Roach, which is close to where the majority of the attacks have taken place.

Before they left, the next day, the local priest gave Andra a religious token that would help identify them to any other locals that they met - it would signify that they came with the blessing of the priest.

It only took a couple of days to reach Dark Roach - although on arrival they couldn't talk to the leader of this small settlement as he was out fishing. Eventually he returned and welcomed them all with a feast. The liquor served with the meal seems to have been made with some local 'herbs' which caused a bad reaction among some of the group.

During the night, Finch was enticed away from his watch duties by one of the fishermen who wanted to take him fishing for some creature that only appeared at night. They went off silently in a little coracle - but the next thing heard was Finch screaming for help and splashing around off in the darkness.

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