The Diary of Buck Swashler

A Well Oiled Machine?

Author: Neil

Week 2

We moved like a well-oiled machine. Unlike the well-oiled natives around here. The house we'd been trying to get to is halfway up a cliff, seems its owner has been using powers we don't understand, and has buried himself, his house and his family under some rock. This cant be natural, surely? We scaled the cliff front with ease, and I burst into the house, surprising a few locals who had got here before us. We were utterly superior, though. My heroic feat managed to earn us an easy victory, so we pressed on through the house.
We found the old guy, the house's former owner, still clutching a device of some kind - looked like some kind of gyroscope, I thought they were only used to keep a ship's compass stable! We prised his rotten hands off the thing, but it seems to be bolted to the table. Maybe we can pinch it on the way out, it might make us quite a bit of money.
We headed down to the cellar from here and systematically searched the place - this downstairs area is partitioned off into several small rooms. In one of the little rooms we found some artefact-style items, a shiny cube and a gauntlet. We stuffed those into a sack and started to make our way back upstairs - only to be intercepted by more treasure hunters! I think we may have made just a little too much noise when breaking through that wooden door. Well, we soon saw those guys off. We're not sure if they knew about what we'd found, or if they were looking for anything that resembled artefacts (as we were), but they were no match for our fierce prowess in combat. This was despite one clearly being their leader, and some kind of foreign-johnny noble, but he was easiest of them all to disable.

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