The Diary of Aaron C. Rescue

The Platforms

Author: Neil

Twenty Two

We were attacking the Kobolds with some enthusiasm. Bob rans from the first platform, onto a rope bridge and across onto to the large central platform, where there were plenty of kobolds waiting to rip his legs off. He was quite keen to take the fight to them. Willy's avatar is behind him now and closing fast.
Beside me, Bernie shot at the kobold on the side platform that we'd shot at before and hits it, but it barely scratched it.
Ex missed with her next bow shot. At the same time Red's kobold got stabbed, and it falls dead.
The kobold on the side platform had had enough and made a break for the rope bridge to the centre platform. I shot at it, missing. As I did this we noticed for the first time some large weasels had appeared from the hole under the main tree. Also while my arrow was in the air, Bernie cast his jumping spell on himself and prepared to leap into the melee on the main platform.
The next thing we noticed were many more weasels appearing. These weren't the giant one, they looked pretty normal. But all of them were closing in on us and Red. Even Ex's owl joined in this defence. It swept down and picked off one of the weasels.
Back on the main platform, Bob cames under attack from the kobolds again, and he defended expertly. The giant weasels had reached Red, he hit the first one, but then he's surrounded.
Bob smashed one of the kobold back into the tree, a mighty hit, smashing straight through his shield. Alongside him Willy's avatar hit his opponent too, but this was just a grazing blow, and the kobold responded. He fumbled his defence and ended up dropping his weapon, and exposing himself to a second attack, which fortunately missed. Behind Bob and Willy the kobold leader, a large brutish kobold, moved up to attack them both.
Ex picked them up in her bow sight and shot at the big guy. She hit, but it was only a light scratch.
Bernie now reached the fight where Red was surrounded, he shot fire from his magic wand into the fight, and set fire to one of the giant weasels.
Bob turned to face the kobold leader, he attacked and missed.
I stepped forward to try and keep these weasels from closing on Ex, and I chopped one of them. The rest closed up on us, and Ex had her knife ready. She lunged at one but missed. The weasel attacked me and missed, but Ex gots bitten, although they don't seem strong enough to penetrate her armour.
Bernie was now dancing round the giant weasels, and stabbed one of them in the back. It's a lithe creature, though and turned to make a counter attack. As it did so, Bernie bounced away.
On the main platform the avatar took a glancing blow, while across the grass form us Red attacked and his the giant weasel again and hits. Red didn't hit it quite hard enough to kill it, but it was badly hurt and collapsed in pain.
Bernie was still bouncing, and jumped back in to try and finish off the badly hurt giant weasel, but came under attack. He turned to fight the weasel that was now attacking him.
Bob resolved the fight with the boss kobold, he hit it hard and it fell in pain. Bernie attacked his giant weasel and missed, and I kill another of the normal weasels and finally they turn to run off. I start to race over to help Red and Bernie with the giant weasels.
The main platform is now packed with enemies, one shot at Bernie and fortunately missed. Willy's avatar smashed his kobold, while Red hit his giant weasel. Bernie had his wand out again, and set one of the giant weasels on fire pretty close to me as I closed in.
I was now close enough to engage the giant weasels, and I hit the burning one. Ex had her bow out again, and picked off another kobold on the main platform, where the fighting was now becoming very messy.
Red was finally hit with a nasty bite from his giant weasel enemy, and Ex fumbled her next bowshot hurting herself. Finally under pressure from Bernie and me, the last giant weasel turned to run off. Bernie gave chase to ensure that this wasn't just some tactical regrouping, while I killed the last incapacitated giant weasel.
It now became clear that the kobolds were running off. We'd won the fight. We all gathered where Red was laying injured.

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