The Diary of Aaron C. Rescue

Shadows in the Chapel

Author: Neil


We were still underground having cleared out what we thought was the remaining orcs. After our last fight we needed to clean up a little and patch a few wounds. But amazingly we contained that ogre really well - Bob was the one who held it at bay, his size is a distinct advantage, and we suspect that dwarfs are given special combat lessons when they're very young so they'll be extra skilful when fighting against ogres.
We spent perhaps half an hour recovering and grabbing a bite to eat before pressing on. We picked up our route through the caverns and spent a couple of hours making sure we'd cleared out all the caverns. We found a way out past the stinking cavern where the war dog was kept. It lead into a green and seemingly untouched valley, but we didn't have time to investigate that way as there were still chambers underground we wanted to search.
At the back of the complex we found a corridor sealed by a door. This is quite unexpected - it seemed to be untouched by the orcs. We pondered for a few moments whether there was any meaning to it, or if there were any magical aura that kept the orcs at bay. We couldn't find any - and it wouldn't have kept us from opening the door anyway.
The door was at the top of a few steps, and was locked. We dealt with the lock mechanism (actually that was Bernie who took care of it), and we opened the door.
Beyond the door was an old chapel to some (as far as we could see) mouldy old chaos god. As we opened the door it was clear that this place had been undisturbed for some time - dozens of years we guess. Our front two, Bernie and Redamber barely slipped inside as the rest of us gathered behind with bows and swords ready. As we looked for movement behind our point-men we could see the darkness in the room gather between the rotten old pews and settles onto the form of horrific undead figures that turn to approach us.
These are zombies, and they rise to attack us.
We backed out of the room and Redamber closed the door; he encouraged us to back off as he struggled to close the sticking old door.
As Bernard started to lock the door, the creatures on the other side were trying to open it. We couldn't hold it shut, and the zombies broke through. It was right now that we kicked our plan for defence into action. Willie immediately cast his avatar spell and he and Bob held our defensive line at the bottom of the steps while the rest of us attacked the monsters with whatever weapons we had available.
It was a tough fight, these undead are a strong enemy. But for a change I didn't get hit by them. I did finish two of them off, but this was an excellent team performance.

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