The Diary of Aaron C. Rescue

Bugbears in the Valley

Author: Neil


Following the big fight with the kobolds we moved on into the valley ahead of us. As we carefully threaded our way along the cleft, we were expecting to be attacked at any moment by something big. The consensus among us was to take all steps to rescue the kids first, the enemy could be dealt with after.
A huge, hairy monster appeared from a cave a hundred feet away, it just wanted to frighten us off, but we're far braver than it imagined. Also, it had given away any tactical advantage. As it closed with us, backed off while shooting at it. Excretia hit it first with a really good shot causing it to scream, then it was upon us. Bob the Dwarf got smacked with its first blow, Redamber responded with a strong blow, but I miss. At this point Bernie used his Wand to set it on fire, while Excretia's next bowshot hit its shield.
l hit his shield too - the fight was starting to get worrying as we were getting hurt and not really doing much harm to the creature. Redamber blocks its next attack then hit it twice and it fell. We leap in to help the downed dwarf who does not look well.
While we patched Bob up, Redamber and Bernie took a look in the bugbears cave. They found a short sword and a medium shield and several other little bits and pieces too. Sadly we also found the remains of the children.
Our return to the village was done in sombre mood, and we passed on the bad news, returning what little of the bodies and the possessions we'd brought from the cave.
We planned next to return to tidy up the kobolds. Unfortunately, when we go back the area where the kobolds had been living, they had all buggered off.
We set off back to the keep.

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