The Diary of Aaron C. Rescue

A Kobold Lair

Author: Neil


The fight with the kobolds went well, and we had defeated them and taken prisoners. This was a new scenario that we'd not encountered before. We needed to work out quickly how we were going to handle them. We didn't know whether we could carry on with the prisoners in tow, or whether they should be executed.
Our discussion was over quite swiftly - we really cannot manage with the extra passengers. We decide on a quick execution, there's no way we can let them go in these lands, they'll bring all kinds of enemies upon us.
We had to press on up the gorge, and we tried to make the journey quickly while still following the trail that the kobolds had left. We found a dead bear along this route. It had been killed by the kobolds, but it looked like they'd killed it defending themselves, and it was very recent. They'd not killed as a hunt, the creature was pretty much intact. We grabbed a little of the bear meat, from areas well away from where the kobold weapons had struck it, that we could use for our supper and breakfast, and a little further on we set our camp for the night.
The next day the land changed and we moved upwards into red sandstone hills. The hills break out and we come upon a cleft in the stone cliffs that our path seems to head into. Our senses were on full alert though because this site would be a good place to build an ambush us. We track around and look for another way through.
While we continue to look, Excretia the elf heard noise from inside the cut-through in the cliffs. She pointed it out to us, her interpretation was that it sounded like a village or a gathering. We completed our search for another route with about five hours of daylight left that day. We moved back to the cleft to look more closely inside, and we bumped into some kobolds coming out as we drew close. A fight broke out, which once more, we win easily. We killed half a dozen of the monsters but two survivors escaped by running off, despite our efforts to stop them.
We moved on info the cutting - and we found a firepit, they'd been using this as a camp site or rest place.

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