The Diary of Aaron C. Rescue

Another Round of Missing Children?

Author: Neil


Our arrival back in the keeo did no go as we had expected. We met with a villager that came looking for us specifically It seems that some of the local children have gone missing, so we have agreed to help investigate. It was, however, late in the day and we agreed to leave first thing in the morning.
While on the road journeying towards the village, we encountered a half horse half eagle creature. We didn't know at the time, but it has since been pointed out that this is a hippogriff. We found a suitable campsite after the beast flew off, leaving us in peace. We took extra precautions to protect the camp overnight.
The night passed without incident, and we set off as quick as we could to the village, arriving in the early evening. Immediately we picked up the task of investigating the disappearance.
It looked like some tall creature has stepped across the area outside the window and climbed inside. We spent some time looking for other tracks in the area, but it was evening, the light was failing, and we had no joy.
We camp overnight, keeping ourselves separate from the rest of the village and resumed our search the next morning. With better light we found more footprints, some in the garden and some at the edge of the nearby woodland. By our estimates the creature was probably 7 feet tall, he seemed a bit heavier than a normal man.
As we followed the trail along the roadside and in the woods, we were hassled by a guy calling himself Vasif. He's a bit of a dick head in my professional opinion, so we gave him as little of our attention as we could get away with and carried on following the tracke. They seemed to be heading west.
As we pressed further on following the footprints they turned north. Gathering our gear we set off along the trail in this new direction. The ground here is soft but interspersed with hard ground, and the trail was difficult to follow. We lost ig by a river so we decide to follow the last line in the direction of the trail and reached an outcrop of rock at the head of a valley. By this time we had no idea where the trail would lead.
We returned back along our track and camped overnight. The next morning we checked out the gorge - finding the trail of what appeared to be kobolds. We followed these new tracks to try and find them. We stumbled over their camp in daylight, so we attacked. They don't last very long against us.

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