The Diary of Aaron C. Rescue

There's a Rat in the Cellar, What are we Gonna to Do?

Author: Neil


With the main building safely conquered, we feel secure in what we intend to become our own home base. There are some bits and pieces to investigate, but we need to get on with the main reasons for coming back so soon. We set about deciphering the captions under the pictures.
After some head scratching, Bernie and Tatty work it out - these are the keywords to operate the wand that we found the last time we were here. There are six operations that it will do, although there aren't enough charges to in the wand to do all of them (although it is possible to draw on the users own supply of magical energy).
Our next job is to deal with the building cellar, which can be found just below the kitchen area. We know that it is infested with rats, and we needed to deal with them. We tried to use some goblin meat as bait and tempt some rats into view, and this had a little success. They get shot, but any others seemed to keep away. Next we needed to get down there and sort the rest of the rats out. We volunteered Bob and Redamber, who jump down.
The rats were no tough opponent, and were quickly dealt with.
With the area secured, we took an inventory of the supplies that are present in this area. There were several barrels contain various odd equipment, some blankets and a pack of bandages. We also found a box of dried figs.
For the first time we spend the night in the mansion, after spending a couple of hours tidying and securing the place. Next day we headed back town and liquidate some of the treasure items.

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