The Diary of Aaron C. Rescue

Mansion Conquered, Girl Resued, Reward Claimed

Author: Neil


To earn our reward, we needed to return to Has. So that's were we chose to head - carrying as much loot as we could, of course.
Our plan is to try an use this building as a base for our operations in the future. It'll take some clearing out, of course, and we've no way to secure it at the moment. We only hope that when we return it won't have been infested again. We couldn't set out immediately though, as we had some wounds to treat and we needed some rest. This meant spending the night in the building, complete with all the goblin-filth.
The next day we set off up the road to Has. That first night we camped near the road and were attacked by Stirges. One of the critters bit me, and it bloody hurts. But I stabbed it and it flew off. Next I heroically saved the Mule by driving off another Stirge that was attacking it.
When we finally arrived at Has, all the locals appeared to be really glum, but this is supposed to be in the middle of a festival. Our instructions were to meet with the Earl's people in the Wolf head (a popular local tavern), so we went straight there and ordered beer.
The Earl's man was a pleasant enough chap. He was pleased we'd successfully completed our mission, and gave us a token to claim our reward later when we're back at the keep.
While in the bar, though, we heard a story about some missing children. This sounded like an opportunity for glory and maybe a small reward, so we decided to investigate. A brief chat with the blacksmith proved useful - he directed us to the home where the parents of the missing children live. I'm no expert, but I'm guessing that the children lived there too until very recently.

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