The Diary of Aaron C. Rescue

A Rescue and More Damn Goblins

Author: Neil


True to my Family Name, I and my colleagues have been heroic and carried out a rescue.
The poor girl was locked up like Rapunzel in the top of a tower, only this poor soul didn't have a window to throw any hair out of. We kept guard over her while we went about securing the way out. As we'd come in through the top of the tower, due to some cunning use of rope, we needed to fight our way downwards to the front door.
Halfway down the tower we ran into more goblins, just like the guards we'd seen outside, but this time there was a clear leader. The ensuing fight was protracted, we attempted to hold them in a doorway, then back off tactically to give us an advantage. Only a couple of us could be involved in the fighting in this way, so I raced to the top of the tower and signalled to Excretia about what was happening.
Finally the fight ends with only a few light wounds among our brave warriors. We find a few bits of treasure among the enemy, but nothing major. Of more interest are the books we find in the library of the house that have not really been touched by the goblins. These will come in really handy one page at at time.

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