The Diary of Aaron C. Rescue

Assault on the Mansion

Author: Neil


Getting close to the mansion house seems reasonably easy. There is undergrowth that has encroached on the building - it could do with tidying up, but for use it provides some cover. We try to sneak in, the plan is to burst inside when we get there and fight any goblins we find.
That doesn't work very well. We don't burst anywhere.
We change our plans a tad, and look for an alternative entrance. It turns out that the roof isn't all that solid - and Redamber sneaks up there and builds a picture of the layout for us. He even maps where the guards are all stationed. We've done about a 3rd of the building by nightfall, so we retire to a safe distance to camp.
The next morning we're completing the map task - we find tracks of their patrols that took place in the night, and we also find bear tracks. We complete the task of mapping out the building layout - there are guards and maybe an orcish leader in there, but we can't find a trace of the girl. We do seem to have stumbled over some goblin females and some young. There is a tower attached to the back of the mansion, and that became the focus of our attention.
We sneak around the tower - we want to climb it, but using a grappling hook will give our presence away. We can't really afford for the goblins to find us, so instead we're going to try and fire an arrow through the upper tower with a string attached - we can use that to thread a thicker rope through.
It took up several goes to get the rope through. We're not very good at this. Next all we need do it pull some rope through.

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