The Diary of Aaron C. Rescue

First Encounter with Kobolds

Author: Neil


We had been out in the wilderness, my companions and I, hunting monsters. We'd tracked a goblin, and found its body where it had fallen down a slope. The worry for us is that the Goblin seems to have died from a bear attack. That's not something we relish the thought of fighting.
The goblin had a few bits of gear, but nothing to write home about. I'm sure that flint and tinder will come in handy one day.
We picked up the trail again in the late afternoon sunlight as they entered a bog. We continued to follow southwards, even crossing a river, until it was dark, when we were forced to pitch camp. In the gloom of the evening, in the midst of these wetlands, we had a poor nights rest.
In the morning, we found the tracks of the goblins were nowhere to be seen. We may have veered off as we followed them in darkness. We were contemplating returning back along our route to pick them up again, when we stumbled over something a bit more promising. It was another trail, this time of kobolds. I guessed there would have been about a dozen of them, so we gathered our belongings and followed this new trail.
By the end of the days marching we'd still not found them, despite our stopping frequently to cover our own tracks and to ensure that we'd not lost the trail we were pursuing. We found some more woodland to rest in - this time it seemed a little drier.
It was fortunate for us that the ground was drier and the woodland closer here. We may have camped right on one of the kobold band's hunting trails. They came across us in the night and attacked our camp. We had seen them in advance, though, and the fight was swift and decisive. We won, killing them all.

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