The Diary of Vinnie

1) Kill da Orcses

Author: Alistair

Date: Tue, 29th April 2014

Vinnie and his companions took part in an orc cull in the vicinity of Galota. Whilst not collecting the most heads, the group did collect a respectable number. Post cull, they returned to finish the job and found and slaughtered an orc encampment, made up mainly of females and orc young. All were killed, they are vermin after all! Upon exploring the cave where the massacre took place, they found an underground area guarded by a monster. Vinnie soon despatched said monster with the (slight) aid of Brazingamen.
Further investigations revealed an ancient doorway set into the floor of the chamber. This led to pre-cataclysmic passages set at a crazy angle (the floor was the original left hand wall). After a brief encounter with two exploding monsters, two ancient and valuable matching magical longswords were found. Vinnie and Gene have taken one apiece for the good of the party.
The party made their way out of the area and returned to Galota.
Vinnie is gaining more experience in the more practical aspects of fighting rather than trying to scare people into submission and, failing that, stabbing them in the back.

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