The Diary of Kevlar Steele

The Best Laid Plans and All That

Author: Kevlar

Date: Mon, 1st July 2013

We prepared reasonably well. That bit was fine. We all knew what we were supposed to do...

As the alarm was raised, we got stuck into our spell-casting. Combat magic abounded; I even managed to do my Counter Magic with little trouble. It usually takes me ages to use magic like that. This all happened as the alarm went up. We moved in as they moved out. There was plenty of screeching and yelling from the humans caught in the huts at we approached.

Then our inexperience showed. It seems that they have some kind of warding, some kind of defensive magic that was more powerful than our counter magic. As the tougher ones of us moved across the open space, Hank got there first. He's a big tough lad, but the warding threw him to the floor. Hrada was right behind, trying to get to him to heal him. But he fell too.

I though I was going round it - I though I was clear. But no. It got me too - the pain in my leg was excruciating, as my knee exploded. Down I went too.

Behind us, those with bows had begun to shoot, but before too many shots landed, a huge dark wall went up before us. I use its counter, light wall as one of my spells, but I failed to cast that as I moved in. Then they moved up. We couldn't shoot at them because we couldn't see them.

The fight was effectively over. I tried to crawl away, but the dark wall had been moved beyond me, beyond Hank and Hrada too - the others couldn't see us any more - but they heard us scream as we fell.

There was nothing we could do - the others withdrew, Finch, Andra, Jade, even Stelios who'd been positioning himself to the side in the undergrowth to get some shots in around the dark wall. They couldn't get to us. They could do nothing.

This might be it. The pain in my leg increases and it's getting worse. I tried to crawl off, but to no avail. We were quickly rounded up and captured, Hank, Hrada and I.

This may be my last journal entry for a bit.

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