The Diary of Duncan Disorderly

Just Starting Off

Author: Neil

Week 1

We seem to be lost - and we're not even at sea yet. We're in Castille, some crap-hole of a city; occupied by them buggers from Montaigne, you'd have thought they'd have brought some civilisation to this place. But No; no bagpipes, no haggis, you cant even get a decent dram o'whisky. They all wear these flouncy shirts, they don't even wear proper underwear. I could make a killing out here with a big crate o'string vests.
We was all comfy in the bar, when that slapper of a barmaid (the one wi'them big jugs) hands us a note. Only turns out to be from that posh geezer Roland's family. They seem to have heard about our attempts to get started in the shipping game, so they're gonna help us. So we're off to see him on the morra. I bet it's him who's got that mighty fine boat parked in the port, at the side the dross in the harbour. I gave it the once over, just to be sure she was sound, afore I nailed up the 'for sale' notices. Nae bugger seemed interested in the boat fore they spotted me sign and took it down.
. . . . . .
This afto we went up to that guys house! He seems a right nob, too. He offered us this deal to go get him some treasures back, proper contracts and all. The stuff's probly been pinched by pirates, seeing as the islands where they were are off the map, and considerin the money he's willin t'pay! Anyway, I had a peep thro' the contract and the tight-fisted old bugger only wanted us to pay for the mission if we didnae get back on time with the goods. He's family to Roland too; nice way to treat your rellies, eh? Ahhh, but I spotted that 'un, I've used such business tactics meself in the past, so its good to know we're dealing with good honest businessmen.
. . . . . .
I've been out and chartered us a wee boat, t'get us where we need t'gae, now it's off to raise us some cargo t'sell on down the coast. There's a guy just round the corner here who's got a big stash of them straw hats that the Avalonians seem to like, I think we'll get a few crates of them. They're a banker for a big profit.

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