Diary of Aaron, Ranger

The diary of Aaron C. Rescue

When you're nearly good enough to be an adventurer, you need to surround yourself with others of the same ilk. I am the first member of our team, alphabetically speaking.

Diary EntryEpisodeTools
Cleaning Out the Kobolds LairTwenty Three
The PlatformsTwenty Two
The Kobold HuntTwenty One
Into the ValleyTwenty
Shadows in the ChapelNineteen
Deeper Into the Orc LairEighteen
And Now a Job from the DukeSeventeen
Mines AssaultFifteen
Tracking a TowerFourteen
Bugbears in the ValleyThirteen
A Kobold LairTwelve
Another Round of Missing Children?Eleven
There's a Rat in the Cellar, What are we Gonna to Do?Ten
A Second Assault on the MansionNine
Back to the Mansion?Eight
Spiders and other Creepy CrawliesSeven
Mansion Conquered, Girl Resued, Reward ClaimedSix
A Rescue and More Damn GoblinsFive
A Fight Breaks Out. With Goblins.Four
Assault on the MansionThree
A Job from the EarlTwo
First Encounter with KoboldsOne

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